Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Resource Utili
Delong Environment has more than 100 domestic leading patents or special technologies, covering 20 industries including paper making, printing and dyeing, mining, coking, steel, coal chemical, petroleum, petrochemical and power plants. The company has a sound technology development and management system. For more than ten years, the company has applied traditional processing technologies (such as UASB, EGSB, A/O, A2/O, denitrification, etc.) and advanced treatment technologies (such as various advanced oxidation, membrane technology, electrodialysis, evaporative crystallization, etc.). It has a number of innovative technologies, research results and patents, and has established hundreds of typical projects to serve hundreds of polluting enterprises and industrial parks. In response to customer needs, the full coverage from the comprehensive emission standard to the first-class A emission standard to the four types of surface water standards to zero emission has been realized.