Company Benefits:

1. Higher than the salary level of the same industry in Baoding.

2. Listed company platform and formal company workflow.

3. The company provides various benefits such as weekend break, freebrunch, five insurance and housing provident fund, holiday travel, etc.

Delong environment is looking forward to your joining!

Contact: Ms. Wang 0312-3016036/18231203054

Address: The National University Science and Technology Park, R&DMain Building Floor 21/22, No.5699 North Second Rd, Baoding City, Hebei Province,P.R.China

1. Process DesignEngineer


1) Responsible forprocess drawing design, survey site, communication with owners, equipmentselection, process design calculation, construction drawing.

2) Cooperate withthe purchasing department to sign the technical agreement to ensure that thetechnical parameters of the equipment can meet our requirements.

3) After thedrawing is completed, make technical explanations for the customer and theconstruction team, and provide technical support during the subsequentequipment, pipeline installation and debugging.


1) Bachelor degreeor above in environmental engineering, water supply and drainage;

2) More than threeyears experience in industrial waste water treatment process design;

3) Those who haveexperience in industrial wastewater design and design experience in designinstitutes are preferred;

4) Relevant filmdesign and operation experience is preferred.

2. Technical support engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1) Responsible for surveying the site,communicating with the owner and understanding the needs of the owner.

2) Responsible for the completion of technicalsolution preparation, equipment selection, process unit calculation, plan andprocess drawing.

3) Responsible for communication with variousdepartments within the company, and communication and inquiry with equipmentmanufacturers.

4) Responsible for the preparation of technicaland commercial tenders.


1) Bachelor degree or above in environmentalengineering, water supply and drainage.

2) More than three years experience inindustrial waste water treatment process design.

3) Experience in writing technical solutions,with experience in MBR and dual membrane method design is preferred.

3. Process commissioning engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1) Prepare the commissioning work, and writethe commissioning plan and operating procedures according to the technical planand drawings.

2) Complete the commissioning task, performon-site commissioning and training of the employees according to thecommissioning plan, coordinate the relevant personnel to solve the problems inthe debugging process, and complete the debugging tasks.

3) Cooperate with the project team to organizethe acceptance, sort out the relevant information required for the acceptance,and cooperate with the project manager to organize the acceptance of thespecific project.


1) College degree or above in environmentalengineering, water supply and drainage, etc.

2) Three years and above experience in sewage(waste) water treatment process debugging.

3) Experience in different industrialwastewater treatment and debugging, anaerobic process debugging experience ispreferred.

4. Project Manager

Job Responsibilities:

1) Verify the construction conditions andinformation provided by the customer, such as coordinate points, constructionwater, construction electricity, temporary facilities, and transportationconditions.

2) Assist the project manager to develop andimplement the principles and methods of project quality, safety management, andproject cost control.

3) According to the construction needs,rationally allocate production factors, and strictly organize the constructionto ensure the progress and quality of the project.

4) Plan the preparation of manpower, materialresources, machinery, equipment and equipment.

5) Manage the operation process of techniciansand construction personnel of each sub-contract team.

6) Assist the project manager to establish aquality monitoring system, supervise the construction personnel to strictlyfollow the construction organization design, and timely submit thenon-conforming product treatment methods after the quality problems, analyzethe reasons and take corrective measures.

7) Assist the project manager to complete theproject monthly report and project summary.

8) Complete other tasks assigned by thesuperiors.

Job requirements:

1)College degree or above in environmental engineering, watersupply and drainage, project management, etc.

2) Five years and above municipal engineering,sewage (waste) water treatment project management experience.

3) Those who have second-level or aboveconstruction qualifications and experience in wastewater treatment plant projectmanagers are preferred.

5.EIA Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1) Independently complete the compilation of various consultingtechnical documents, such as the EIA report and form.

2) Able to undertake part of the audit work.

3) Responsible for internal and external communication and coordinationwithin the EIA phase.

4) Ability to discuss communication issues with government environmentalapproval authorities and review experts.

Job requirements:

1) Engaged in environmental impact assessment for more than 5 years.

2) Priority in registering the EIA certificate (certificate fee isadditional).

3) Love environmental protection work and can withstand greater workpressure.

4) Have strong logical thinking ability and ability todeal with emergencies.

6. Mechanical DesignEngineer (Environmental Protection)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for thecompany's non-standard equipment and membrane system shelf design.

2. Design according to theprocess requirements.

Job requirements:

1. Three years of designexperience in the mechanical engineering industry or environmental protectionindustry.

2. Proficient in using solidworksand CAD drawing software.

3, To be serious andresponsible, hard-working, innovative spirit, with a strong ambition.

4. Good mechanical designand drawing foundation is preferred.

5. Experience in tankdesign is preferred.

7. Regional Sales Manager

Job Responsibilities:

1) Collect sewage treatmentproject information.

2) Negotiate through thechannel public relations, so that the company can undertake projects.


1) Bachelor degree or abovein environmental engineering water supply and drainage or related majors.

2) More than five years ofexperience in environmental protection professional work.

3) Strong communicationskills and language skills.

4) Those with outstandingperformance can relax their academic qualifications