Hebei Yihoucheng High-grade Household Paper Comprehensive Wastewater“Zero Emission” Proje

Product: Advanced household paper

Recycled parts:pulping, wet end

Recycling rate:95%


This project applies the “Zero Emission” integration technology of papermaking wastewater of Delong company's DLZero technology, which is a typical case of zero emissionof papermaking wastewater with leading technology level in China.


The technology is integrated by four special or patented technologies: DLHX fiber recovery machine, activated sludge treatment technology with selector, classification and recoverytechnology and UV catalytic oxidation treatment.Among them, the papermaking concentrated water O3/UV-BAF treatment technology is at the domestic leading level, and solves the high recovery rate (more than 95%) of papermaking wastewater processed according to level and reused according to quality. The Level Astandard problem has created an environmental miracle of zero emissionof papermaking wastewater. Delong Environment has extensive experience and technical solutions in the field of papermaking wastewater treatment and resource utilization.Due to different papermaking materials, pulping process, papermaking process, paper products, recycling rate and emission standards, Delong Environment has more than 50 special solutions for papermaking wastewater treatment and resource utilization.


Applicable customers:

Daily paper production system using commercial pulp as raw material.

Production of Daily paper production system using waste paper as raw material.

Using the waste book paper as raw material, the pulping and paper production system for producing cultural paper by deinking process.

Paperboard production system for producing high-strength corrugated paper by using waste cardboard paper such as OCC as raw material;

Non-wood pulp pulp and paper production system containing part of the middle water.

Difference description:

The quality of papermaking wastewater is different depending on the raw materials, processes and products. Therefore, the parameters of the process will be optimized according to the water quality, and some process units will be changed if necessary.