Construction and Operation Project of the Sewage Treatment Plant and Supporting Network of Huangxu T


Huangxu Wastewater Treatment Plant is located in Group 11 of Shuangyuan Village, Huangxu Town, Jingyang District, Deyang City.The main plant area and supporting pipe network (Phase I) has been put into construction in May 2013, completed in January 2014,and entered the operation and commissioning stage on January 1, 2017. The sewage plant covers an area of 12200,and has an investment of 2,821,314,600RMB. It mainly accepts domestic sewage from urban residents, enterprises and institutions. The mainly using CASS treatment process. The effluent water quality implements the A standard of the first-class standard of the Pollutant Discharge Standard for Urban Sewage Treatment Plants (GB18918-2002), and the effluent is discharged into the Mianyuan River.


Since Delong Environment took over the operation, Huangxu Sewage Treatment Plant has operated stably and the effluent quality has reached the standard, which has improved the environment of the surrounding environment and improved the quality of life of residents in Huangxu. It has won praises from the Environmental Protection Bureau and Urban Construction Bureau of JingyangDistrict.