Anxin Baiyangdian Contiguous Beautiful Rural Construction Domestic Garbage Transfer ProjectAnxin Bai

Anxin Baiyangdian Contiguous Beautiful Rural Construction Domestic Garbage Transfer Project adheres to the scientific development concept as a guide, to protect public environmental sanitation and mass health, prevent environmental pollution, combine new rural construction, adapt to local conditions, make overall plans, and accelerate rural domestic waste, deepen the comprehensive management of township (town) and village environment, realize the reduction, resource and harmless treatment of rural domestic garbage, create a good living environment and development environment, and promote the economy of the whole township, build a new, rich, civilized and harmonious countryside.

The implementation of this project is aimed at the domestic garbage treatment project. After implementation, the domestic garbage in 45 villages of Anxin can be effectively treated, and the phenomenon of waste everywhere in the existing sedimentation area can be changed, which can better protect the functional benefits of Baiyangdian wetland.


Domestic garbage treatment adopts the method of “source classification, classification and treatment”, and adopts the “household coarse-village collection-transfer station transshipment-county landfill” treatment mode.

(1)Household coarse. Each household is equipped with two garbage bins, yellow and green. The villagers can put the compostable garbage into the green garbage bin and put the non-compostable garbage into the yellow garbage bin. In this way, the coarse classification of the garbage is realized.

(2) Village collection. Compostable garbage and non-compostable waste are collected by the cleaning staff in different types of garbage bins or barrels. The cleaning staff further sorts the garbage in the garbage bin, transports the compostable garbage to the composting station with the garbage transfer vehicle, and transports the compost garbage to the town garbage transfer station.

(3) Town transfer. Domestic garbage is compressed in the garbage transfer station and transported to the landfill with a single-arm hook.

(4) County processing. Domestic garbage is treated in a landfill for harmless treatment and landfill is standardized.